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Moving On. Please Come With.

When I left NBC in early 2009 the most important thing to me after 22 years as a journalist was to keep my voice alive. That’s how Get Real started.
Journalism had been, was and still is in the throes of a radical makeover and to this day I don’t think anyone really knows what the thing is going to look like whenever this transitional era is over (if it ever ends…but that’s another story). What was clear at that time was the big traditional news organizations were losing their audience, …

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Olbermann a Journalist? That’s Rich

The kerfuffle over MSNBC’s “indefinite suspension” of Keith Olbermann for giving contributions to three Congressional candidates is hilarious in one respect: That MSNBC’s brass thinks of Olbermann as a journalist and their own network as a “news” network. Puh-leeeze.
The rules at NBC News about political contributions by employees are not only sound, they are pretty standard throughout the world of journalism. Most news organizations think it’s important that the reporters, editors and producers who are responsible to telling fair and balanced stories don’t create the appearance of bias by working …


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New Video: Spitzer on CNN — Hookers Aren’t the Issue

Check it out! After a verrrrry long dry spell I decided to plant my face in front of a camera in honor of a guy who has inexplicably become the host of a national cable “news” show.
The problem with Eliot Spitzer being given the seat at CNN in prime time is not that he hired a hooker. Or liked to have sex with his long black dress socks on. It’s that he basically abused his authority as Governor the same way Richard Nixon did as President.
Remember Troopergate? Spitzer’s Administration directed …


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Taste the Crazy! (or Stupid Angry Voters)

It’s nights like last that make me miss covering politics full time. Election nights when voters get their crazy on and act like kids.
I’m mad! I want lower taxes! I’m not doing what the adults tell me to do! I want cookies for breakfast! And I don’t wanna get fat. And of course, I HATE YOU ALL!
The American press loves to place the voter on the highest pedestal. After all our little experiment in (sort of) direct democracy has, on balance, worked out pretty well over the last 230 odd …


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Fox and Fiends

While I’m an equal opportunity critic of cable “news” I can’t pass up this opportunity to share a clip that offers compelling evidence that Fox is, at times, in the business of completely and utterly lying for the sake of pushing a partisan agenda. Journalism by any standard other than that of Chairman Mao, Josef Stalin, or Big Brother is simply not practiced much of the time at Fox “News”. As I wrote last week, the Not-at-Ground-Zero-not-a-Mosque pseudo controversy  is yet another case of cable “news” and its taboid breathren …